by Kevin Lucbert

like an adolescent suzy from moonrise kingdom

Henri Matisse - The Pink Studio, 1911, oil on canvas

Pierrot le fou, 1965

- justfourpartsoftheone:

Stuart Sutcliffe and John Lennon on the beach, Baltic Sea
Photo: The Stuart Sutcliffe Estate

“When [Stuart] came into the band, around Christmas of 1959, we were a little jealous of him; it was something I didn’t deal with very well. We were always slightly jealous of John’s other friendships. He was the older fellow; it was just the way it was. When Stuart came in, it felt as if he was taking the position away from George and me. We had to take a bit of a back seat. Stuart was John’s age, went to art college, was a very good painter and had all the cred that we didn’t. We were a bit younger, went to grammar school and weren’t quite serious enough.”  - Paul McCartney, The Beatles Anthology